RESEARCH – $281,561

Research is a strong pillar of the BEEF donations and investments. Since 2015, $281,561 has been invested in Research Projects. BBU in the Long-Range Planning Committee and through the BBU Management have submitted requests for funds from BEEF to sponsor various projects. The BEEF board then votes on the funds to be available or underwritten and the projects begin.


Since 2015, the Genomic testing and Carcass Evaluations have been integral in gathering enough data and results from carcass data to prove the benefits of Beefmaster cattle to the entire cattle industry.

Exciting Times!

Now in 2023 the dedication and perseverance of gathering this data is coming to fruition and the results are being tallied.

Data from 2 groups of Beefmaster sired steers showed exceptional performance in the yard and on the rail. These steers gained on average 4.03 pounds per day and converted 5.58 pounds of feed to one pound of gain. Over 2 years there were no deaths and only one animal pulled for being sick. These steers also graded 95% Choice or better with an average of a Yield Grade 3. Data from other BEEF funded projects have also been used to help with the calculation and creation of:

 EPD for RFI – Residual Feed Intake
 $FE Index – Feed Efficiency

This data gives Beefmaster a marketing edge that will be touted all over the industry in 2023 –2024 and beyond.

You are invited to be a part of this Beefmaster surge in the industry and donate to BEEF for the next wave of projects. Just click on the Donate button and any amount is very welcome. You may specify where you would like your donation to be applied – Research – Scholarships – Education.

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