Arthur (Bub) Epley
Rancho Tres Hijos
Tilden, Texas

The purpose of BEEF is clearly stated “The Foundation is dedicated to making a great breed of cattle even better through scientific research, education of the breed’s future leaders and providing valuable information to the public about the Beefmaster Breed as a superior meat production animal.” I believe that this purpose is in my best interest. and is in the best interest for the world as the world population continues to grow. Having a superior meat production animal that will thrive in all types of environments was the goal of Tom Lasater. Since BEEF is an established 501(c)3 non-profit Corporation, I can take advantage of the tax savings provided by existing U.S. tax laws.  Many of my fellow breeders are still unaware of the many accomplishments of BEEF. Please take time to read the sections in this website on Research and Education. Contributing to BEEF can help provide a better animal to feed the world.

Bill Carr
Hilltop Beefmasters

“I believe BEEF’s funding of research activities is the most important to the future of the Beefmaster breed.”

Derek Thompson
BBU President
Nextgen Cattle Company

I believe that Beefmaster needs to play a big part in the cattle industry. As a breed we need to continue to dedicate resources to research projects and show the industry the incredible benefits our breed has to offer. It was easy to donate to this great group, BEEF as they continue to look at ways to get our message out to the beef industry.

Bob Siddons
Arrowhead Ranch
Austin, Texas

When BEEF was first proposed and imagined, my first thought was, what if this had been done 25 years ago, then my next thought was, we can’t make the next generation say the same thing about us! BEEF makes so many things possible, research projects, education, tax deductible donations, scholarships, breed promotional advertising just to name a few. BEEF was the vehicle that made the donation of several hundred thousand dollars worth of heifers to Texas A&M and OSU Universities possible. If we all do our part Beefmasters will secure its place as the absolute dominant American breed!

$100K/100% Club

Bob & Bonnie Siddons, Jim & Pam Colvin, Bill & Dusty Carr and Derek Thompson

BEEF is doing great things for our breed on many different fronts.
Our participation insures we can continue working to make the best breed better!